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Lithan’s Pan-Asia CLaaS Alliance makes inroads into the Philippines through St. Paul University Manila


Lithan Academy makes headway in the EdTech industry with its disruptive solution CLaaS, a model of new-age education that imparts industry relevant education to students and serves as a conduit for transparent talent transmission, by providing enterprises access to fresh talent and vice versa. Signing an agreement with St. Paul University Manila (SPU Manila) in the Philippines, Lithan validates its disruptive teaching pedagogy of work-oriented, applied learning.  


CLaaS Alliance is a network of higher learning institutions across Asia, where the common theme is Competence Learning as a Service or CLaaS – Lithan’s disruptive industry-oriented higher learning pedagogy designed for scalable talents incubation in the emerging Asian economies.  


Lithan has had a significant presence in the Philippines as a provider of work-study degree courses to individual students, but this agreement with St. Paul University is its first university alliance in the country. With this alliance, Lithan hopes to bring more higher learning institutions in Philippines into the fold of Pan-Asia CLaaS Alliance, which has been rapidly expanding in ASEAN.  


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic slowdown, Lithan has successfully been building its partnerships with various private and public institutions across Asia. This is a testimony to the success of CLaaS and its acceptance as a revolutionary education model that fits into the region’s aspiration to develop and harness its manpower for a global economic influence.  


Lithan’s Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh’s vision is that education and work are now intertwined in a digital environment, where we no longer learn to work but learn through work. In his words, “As traditional classroom-oriented education is rendered ineffective, we aim to mitigate mismatches in supply and demand for digital skills and talents across Asia with the implementation of CLaaS. Virtualization is fueling borderless education, and the demand for a skilled and knowledgeable digital workforce—regardless of the location—reaches a fever pitch. Lithan’s dual-track applied learning offers pathways toward digital careers, where our learners develop multi-disciplinary hybrid skill sets through work, preparing them for Industry 4.0.” 


Sr. Ma. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, President of St. Paul University Manila, said, “Innovation and Digital Transformation are two of the key areas in the vision of both Lithan and SPU Manila. Working with Lithan will allow SPU Manila to not only articulate the vision but position itself as a dynamic university—adapting to the call for offering programs needed in the world of VUCA and the new normal.” 


Dr. Marichen Dychangco, Vice-President of Academics, said, “The pandemic has greatly affected education and the global market. But it has also made us more agile. Agility is needed even in academic programs. Offering digital business programs at the graduate school level is key to SPU Manila's vision of remaining valuable and innovative in the changing educational landscape.” 


About CLaaS®


CLaaS® as Lithan’s wholly-owned subsidiary provides learning and mentoring solutions, delivering mass-customised learning for students, professionals, and enterprises over the cloud, on-demand. CLaaS® offers personalised learning journey and personal mentoring support. The curriculum is aligned to industry needs, and the work-based and workplace learning pedagogy ensures that the courses deliver tangible skills, with real business outcomes for both individuals and enterprise learners. CLaaS®’s non-time-invasive courses can be delivered on-demand, anywhere, online or offline.

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